Air Fryer India: Which size to buy?

Air Fryer size india
March 1, 2024
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Air fryers have become a cornerstone of healthy Indian kitchens, offering a guilt-free way to enjoy traditional fried favorites. With the Indian market flooded with options, selecting the right air fryer size becomes pivotal for matching your family’s lifestyle. This comprehensive guide aims to navigate you through this choice with ease.

Why Size Matters in Air Fryers

Choosing the right air fryer size ensures you can cook efficiently, whether you’re preparing a quick snack for two or a feast for a family gathering. The capacity of air fryers, indicated in liters, determines the quantity of food you can cook at once, affecting everything from cooking time to the texture of your food.

Key Considerations for Indian Families

Assessing Your Family’s Needs

Small Families: For couples or small families (2-3 members), a compact air fryer of up to 2 liters can be ideal. This size is perfect for making quick snacks like mango chutney cheese sticks or kale and potato tikkis.

Large Families: In a typical Indian household with 4 or more members, a larger air fryer of 4 liters or above is recommended. It’s suitable for cooking family-sized portions of vegetable pakoras, chicken tandoori, or whole fish marinated in Indian spices.

When determining the right air fryer size for your family, consider the following options based on your specific needs:

Family SizeRecommended CapacitySuitable For
Singles or CouplesUp to 2 LitersQuick snacks, small servings
Small Families (3-4 members)2 to 3 LitersSide dishes, small to medium-sized meals
Medium Families (4-6 members)3 to 5 LitersLarger meals, multiple side dishes
Large Families or Entertaining5 Liters and aboveBulk cooking, whole chickens, large pizzas

Types of Dishes You Plan to Prepare

Snacks and Side Dishes: Smaller air fryers work well for snacks or side dishes. For instance, whipping up a batch of crispy bhindi (okra) fries or sweet potato chaat for an evening snack.

Main Dishes: For main dishes or when hosting parties, a larger air fryer can accommodate whole chickens or large batches of paneer tikka. It’s invaluable for preparing stuffed brinjal or marinated lamb chops for family dinners.

Small Air Fryers (Up to 2 Liters):

  • Snacks: Crispy nuts, kale chips, small batches of french fries
  • Side Dishes: Roasted vegetables, stuffed mushrooms

Medium Air Fryers (2 to 3 Liters):

  • Main Dishes: Chicken wings, small whole fish, paneer tikka
  • Baked Goods: Muffins, small cakes, bread rolls

Large Air Fryers (3 Liters and Above):

  • Bulk Cooking: Samosas, spring rolls, large batches of fried chicken
  • Whole Meals: Whole chicken roast, large pizza, fish and chips

Kitchen Space and Storage

Consider your kitchen’s layout. A compact air fryer model might be the way to go for kitchens with limited counter space. For inspiration on organizing small kitchens, check out ThisOldHouse.

The space available in your kitchen is a crucial factor when choosing an air fryer. Here are some tips to efficiently manage kitchen space and storage:

  • Measure Your Space: Before purchasing, measure the designated counter space and storage area in your kitchen to ensure the air fryer fits.
  • Vertical Storage: Some air fryers are designed with a vertical orientation, taking up less counter space. Look for models that prioritize a compact footprint.
  • Storage Solutions: If kitchen space is limited, consider storage solutions such as appliance garages or overhead cabinets. Utilizing wall-mounted shelves can also keep counters clear.
  • Portable Options: For those with very limited space, consider a portable air fryer that can be easily stored away and brought out when needed.

Energy Consumption

Balance your need for larger cooking capacity with energy efficiency. For energy-saving tips and choosing efficient kitchen appliances, visit EnergyStar.

Air fryers are generally energy-efficient, but their consumption varies by capacity:

CapacityApproximate Power UsageComparison with OTG
Up to 2 Liters800-1000 WattsLess than a standard OTG (1200-1400 Watts)
2 to 3 Liters1000-1500 WattsComparable to a small OTG
3 to 5 Liters1500-1800 WattsSlightly more or equal to a large OTG
5 Liters and above1800-2100 WattsMore than a standard OTG, but more efficient for bulk cooking

Comparing air fryers to OTGs (Oven Toaster Grillers), air fryers heat up quickly and require less cooking time, which can lead to overall energy savings, especially for smaller meals or quicker cooking tasks. 

For larger meals, an air fryer may consume more power upfront but can still be more efficient due to shorter cooking times and the elimination of preheating requirements.

Future-Proofing Your Kitchen

Thinking ahead about family gatherings or an expanding family can justify the choice of a larger air fryer. This foresight ensures your kitchen is ready for any culinary challenge.

Making the Right Choice

By carefully considering your family’s size, culinary habits, kitchen space, and energy usage, you can select the ideal air fryer size that will serve your needs for years to come.

Best Air Fryers for Small Families / Bachelors / Couples

For small families, bachelors, and couples, an air fryer can be a game-changer, making it easy to whip up quick, healthy meals without the hassle of traditional frying. The ideal air fryer for this group should be compact enough not to overwhelm limited kitchen space, yet versatile enough to experiment with various recipes. Look for models that offer ease of use, quick clean-up, and efficient cooking for smaller portions.

Best Air Fryers for Medium-Sized Families

Medium-sized families need an air fryer that balances capacity with efficiency. A model that can handle multiple servings without requiring batch cooking is essential. Look for air fryers with a capacity of 3 to 5 liters, offering versatility to cook a wide range of dishes, from appetizers to main courses. Features like digital touch screens, preset programs, and easy maintenance are key for seamless operation.

Best Air Fryers for Large Families

Large families require an air fryer that maximizes capacity without compromising on cooking quality. An air fryer with a capacity of over 5 liters is ideal, capable of catering to gatherings and ensuring consistent, tasty results across large batches of food. Models with advanced features like sync cooking, preset menus, and easy-to-clean baskets will enhance the cooking experience, making meal prep simpler and more enjoyable.


Adopting an air fryer into your Indian kitchen is a step towards healthier eating without sacrificing the flavors you love. The right air fryer size will ensure you can enjoy these benefits to the fullest.

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