Best Smart Fans in India – Ultimate Buying Guide

Best smart fans in india
March 5, 2024
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Searching for the Best Smart Fans in India brings you to the ultimate destination for smart cooling solutions. As the Indian climate oscillates between extreme heat and mild winters, the quest for efficient, smart home-compatible fans has led to a surge in the popularity of smart fans.

Finding a smart fan with the right price in India can be challenging. This guide is meticulously crafted for those looking to elevate their living spaces with the top smart ceiling fans, combining energy efficiency, voice control, and modern technology.

Whether you’re intrigued by the convenience of controlling your fan with Alexa or seeking a smart fan with an attractive price point, you’ve come to the right place. Discover the leading smart fans that India offers, tailored to enhance your home with innovation and style. Dive in as we explore the best smart ceiling fans designed for the discerning Indian homeowner, ready to transform your cooling experience with the touch of a button.

This buying guide is tailored for those looking to enhance their living spaces with smart fans—devices that not only promise superior cooling but also bring a host of smart features like voice control, remote access, and energy efficiency into your home.

What we cover below is a helpful guide with recommendations for the best smart fans in India.

Table of Contents

When and Why to Buy a Smart Fan?

Considering a smart fan purchase comes down to evaluating your needs for convenience, efficiency, and integration with smart home technology. Choosing the best smart fan for your home depends on a few key factors. We break them down below.

When to Buy:

  • Upgrading Your Home: If you’re moving towards a smart home setup, a smart fan is a logical addition.
  • Seeking Convenience: For those who value the ability to control their environment with minimal effort, the smart fan’s connectivity offers unparalleled ease of use.
  • Looking for Energy Savings: If reducing your electricity bill is a priority, the energy-efficient nature of smart fans can contribute significantly over time.
best smart fans in india

Why Buy:

  • Remote Accessibility: Control your fan from anywhere, ensuring you always come back to a cool home.
  • Enhanced Comfort: With customizable settings and modes, achieve the perfect balance of cooling and air circulation tailored to your comfort.
  • Integration: Smart fans smoothly integrate with other smart devices, enhancing the overall functionality of your smart home.
  • Voice Control: The convenience of controlling your fan with voice commands through assistants like Alexa or Google makes it a futuristic addition to any home.

Top Smart Fans in India: Recommendations

Atomberg Renesa Smart +

The Atomberg Renesa Smart + is known for its energy-efficient BLDC motor and smart control capabilities, including remote, app, and voice assistants. Ideal for medium to large rooms, this fan combines quiet operation and energy savings with convenient control options.

While it offers significant advantages for those interested in smart features and energy efficiency, potential buyers should note some reports of connectivity issues. Its LED light indicators add a modern touch to its functionality.

  • Key Highlights: Energy efficient BLDC motor, smart control (remote, app, voice assistants), LED light indicators
  • Pros: Quiet, power-saving, convenient control options
  • Cons: Some users mention connectivity issues
  • Room Coverage: Good for medium to large rooms
  • Best For: Those prioritizing energy efficiency and smart features
  • Price: About Rs5,300

Halcyon BreezeMaster Smart

The Halcyon BreezeMaster Smart is equipped with BLDC technology, marking a step forward in the evolution of ceiling fans. Its efficiency is highlighted by a 5-star energy rating, emphasizing its ability to deliver a significant airflow of 235 CMM at 380 RPM, while consuming only 29W at its highest speed setting. This performance translates into potential electricity savings of up to 65%, showcasing its appeal to those seeking both functionality and energy conservation.

  • Key Highlights: WIFI/App control, under light, breeze mode for natural air feel, reversible blades for winter
  • Pros: Unique breeze mode, winter functionality
  • Cons: Questions about after-sales service
  • Room Coverage: Best for medium-sized rooms
  • Best For: People wanting to go for an affordable smart fan option
  • Price: Around Rs 4,000

Atomberg Renesa Smart

Experience the convenience of a smart ceiling fan with the Atomberg Renesa Smart 1200mm BLDC Motor. One of the most affordable in this list.

Key Highlights:

  • Smart technology for remote and voice control
  • Energy efficient, saving up to 65% energy
  • Includes a remote control
  • 2+1 year warranty


  • Easy to control remotely or with voice commands
  • Saves energy


  • Requires ceiling installation
  • May not be suitable for large rooms

Best For:

  • Those who want a convenient and energy-saving ceiling fan

Price: Around Rs 4,000

Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan 2

Experience the versatility of a smart fan with the Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan 2. This innovative standing fan simulates natural breezes, offers app and voice control, and delivers quiet, personal cooling – perfect for smaller areas or focused airflow.

  • Key Highlights: Standing fan design, app and voice control, simulates natural breezes, quiet
  • Pros: Versatile (not ceiling mounted), good for simulating outdoor air
  • Cons: Limited airflow range compared to ceiling fans, takes up floor space
  • Room Coverage: Ideal for smaller areas or focused airflow
  • Best For: Those wanting personal cooling, portability, and natural feeling airflow.
  • Price: Around Rs7,000

Orient Electric Aeroslim Noiseless

Experience the modern design and convenience of the Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200mm BLDC Motor Smart Ceiling Fan.

Key Highlights:

  • BLDC motor for quiet operation and energy savings
  • Remote and mobile app control for effortless adjustments
  • Sleek and stylish design


  • Quiet operation
  • Energy efficient
  • Convenient control options


  • Some users have reported quality issues

Best For:

  • Those seeking a stylish, energy-efficient smart fan with convenient control.

Atomberg Studio+ Designer Fan

Combine style and smart functionality with the Atomberg Studio+ Designer Fan. Featuring unique decorative designs, energy-saving BLDC motor, and smart controls, this fan elevates the aesthetics of your home.

  • Key Highlights: BLDC motor, smart controls, LED indicators, unique decorative designs
  • Pros: Emphasis on style and aesthetics, energy-efficient
  • Cons: Slightly more expensive than some of the other Atomberg models
  • Room Coverage: Suitable for medium-sized rooms
  • Best For: Those who want a stylish fan in addition to smart features and energy efficiency

Atomberg Aris Starlight

Experience the luxury of a smart ceiling fan designed for elegance with the Atomberg Aris Starlight. Its unique marble finish, BLDC motor, LED lighting, and smart controls add a touch of extravagance to your space.

  • Key Highlights: Unique marble finish, BLDC motor, LED lighting, smart controls
  • Pros: Elegant design, good lighting options
  • Cons: More expensive due to premium design
  • Room Coverage: Suitable for medium-sized rooms
  • Best For: Those looking for a luxurious and stylish smart fan

Orient Electric 1200mm I-Tome Smart Ceiling Fan

Upgrade your home with the budget-friendly Orient Electric I-Tome Smart Ceiling Fan. This energy-efficient, BEE 5-star rated fan offers a remote control and a classic design, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a basic, affordable smart fan option.

  • Key Highlights: Energy-saving, BEE 5-star rated, remote controlled, Topaz Gold color
  • Pros: Affordable, energy efficient
  • Cons: Lacks smart features and may not be suitable for large rooms due to its size
  • Room Coverage: Small to medium-sized rooms
  • Best For: Budget-conscious buyers looking for a basic smart fan
  • Price: Approx Rs5,000

Crompton Silent Pro Blossom Ceiling Fan

Upgrade your home environment with a Crompton Silent Pro Blossom, a premium smart ceiling fan that combines superior comfort, energy efficiency, and Alexa compatibility.

Key Highlights:

  • BLDC motor for silent operation
  • Energy-efficient
  • Remote and under light
  • 5-year warranty

Pros: Quiet, Energy-saving

Cons: Information about the difficulty of installation is not available on the webpage.

Room Coverage: Not mentioned on the webpage.

Best For: Those seeking a quiet and energy-efficient ceiling fan with a light

Smart Fan Price & Features Comparison: Getting the Best Value in India

ProductKey HighlightsProsConsRoom CoverageBest ForPrice (INR)
Atomberg Renesa Smart +Energy-efficient BLDC motor, smart controlsQuiet, power-saving, convenient controlsConnectivity issuesMedium to large roomsEnergy efficiency and smart features~5,300
Halcyon BreezeMasterWiFi, under-light, natural breeze modeUnique breeze mode, winter functionalityAfter-sales service is limited Medium-sized roomsAffordable entry-level smart fan~4,000
Atomberg Renesa SmartRemote and voice control, energy-savingEasy control, saves energyDurability of parts may be a concernMedium-sized roomsConvenient and energy-saving ceiling fan~4,000
Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan 2App and voice control, simulates natural breezesVersatile, simulates outdoor airLimited airflow, takes up floor spaceSmaller areasPersonal cooling, portability~7,000
Orient Electric 1200mm Aeroslim NoiselessBLDC motor, under lightPremium looks, and standard smart featuresExpensiveMedium to large roomsPremium looks with smart features ~11000
Atomberg Studio+ Designer FanDecorative designs, energy-efficientStyle and aesthetics, energy-efficientPricier than other modelsMedium-sized roomsStylish fan with smart features and efficiency~5200
Atomberg Aris StarlightMarble finish, LED lighting, smart controlsElegant design, good lightingMore expensive due to premium designMedium-sized roomsLuxury and style~7500
Orient Electric I-TomeEnergy-saving, BEE 5-star rated, remote controlAffordable, energy-efficientLacks smart features, not for large roomsSmall to medium-sized roomsBudget-friendly basic smart fan~5,000
Crompton Silent Pro BlossomSilent operation, energy-efficient, under lightQuiet, energy-savingExpensive given the priceMedium to large roomsQuiet and energy-efficient ceiling fan with light~11000

What to Look for in a Smart Fan: Alexa, Mobile App?

When venturing into the smart fan market, there are several key features and considerations to keep in mind. These aspects will ensure you choose a fan that not only meets your cooling needs but also integrates well with your smart home ecosystem.

Compatibility with Smart Home Systems

The integration with smart home systems is crucial for a seamless smart home experience.

  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit
  • Allows for easy integration into your existing smart home setup

Connectivity Options

A smart fan should offer a variety of connectivity options to ensure it remains functional even if one connection type is unavailable.

  • Wi-Fi for remote access and control
  • Bluetooth and Zigbee for reliable local connectivity

Control Mechanisms

Modern smart fans come equipped with various control mechanisms for enhanced convenience.

  • Remote control for easy adjustments
  • Smartphone app for control from anywhere
  • Voice commands through smart home assistants
  • Integration with smart home hubs for automated routines

Features and Functionality

A range of features and functionalities make smart fans a versatile addition to any home.

  • Adjustable speed settings for personalized comfort
  • Timer and scheduling features for automated operation
  • Energy-saving modes to reduce power consumption
  • Varied airflow patterns and oscillation for optimal air distribution
  • Low noise levels for a quiet environment
  • Built-in lighting, if applicable, for added functionality

Design and Aesthetics

The design of a smart fan is an important consideration, as it should complement your home’s decor.

  • Available in various styles to match any interior design
  • Consider how the fan fits with your home aesthetics

Installation and Maintenance

Ease of installation and maintenance are key for long-term satisfaction with your smart fan.

  • Simple installation process with clear instructions
  • Easy-to-clean parts and durable design for low maintenance

Warranty and Support

The warranty and customer support offered by the manufacturer can provide peace of mind.

  • Extended warranty periods for protection against defects
  • Responsive customer support for troubleshooting and assistance

What Makes a Fan ‘Smart’?

A ‘smart’ fan incorporates advanced technology to offer more than just basic cooling. Here’s what sets them apart from traditional fans:

  • Connectivity: Smart fans connect to the internet via Wi-Fi, allowing remote control through apps, voice commands, or even smart home systems.
  • Automation: These fans can be programmed with schedules, respond to temperature changes, or even integrate with other smart home devices for automated comfort.
  • Energy Efficiency: With features like BLDC motors and adaptive speed control, smart fans optimize energy use, reducing electricity consumption.
  • Customization: Users can adjust settings such as speed, oscillation, and timers directly from their smartphones or voice commands, tailoring the cooling to their exact preferences.

FAQs about Smart Ceiling Fans in India

Q: Can smart ceiling fans work without internet connectivity?

A: Yes, while internet connectivity enhances their functionality, most smart fans can also be controlled via remote or onboard controls.

Q: Are smart fans difficult to install?

A: Not necessarily. Many smart fans are designed for easy installation, similar to traditional fans. However, integrating them into a smart home network might require some initial setup.

Q: Do smart fans consume more electricity?

A: On the contrary, smart fans are often more energy-efficient than traditional fans, thanks to their advanced motors and the ability to precisely control their operation.

Q: Can I control a smart fan with my smartphone?

A: Yes, one of the key features of smart fans is the ability to control them via a smartphone app, allowing for adjustments to settings from anywhere.

Q: Will a smart fan work with my existing smart home system?

A: Most smart fans are compatible with popular smart home systems like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and sometimes Apple HomeKit. It’s important to check the compatibility before purchase.

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